The Republican caucus system works, and the new electronic voting system works better than ever before.

It is important to remember that although the Republican Party limits the number of delegates to 4,000 that can represent the 2,300 precincts in the state, the number of delegates allocated per precinct is determined by the percent of registered voters who voted in the previous election.

In my precinct, we were allocated two state delegates, and although I was not one of them, that did not stop me from campaigning for my candidate, Dan Liljenquist, who spent his time prior to convention holding many, many town meetings so that he could meet directly with delegates (80 percent of which were new to the process) to make his case and answer questions. Without the caucus system, how could any candidate ever hope to force a primary election when running against a senator who has been in office for 36 years?

Also, it is important to keep in mind that there were not 4,000 delegates who were credentialed at the convention. Of those who did show up, not all of them voted, so that is hardly a weakness of the caucus system.

Jerry Hanson