Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Superintendent Dr. David S. Doty

I've followed the events in the news regarding the Canyons School District Board and Dr. David Doty and become increasingly concerned about how matters are handled in the Canyons School District. I am not in disagreement with many of the changes that have occurred in Canyons School District, or CSD.

I applaud the efforts of the CSD Board and the superintendant to research and make the best, and sometimes tough, decisions. With that in mind, I would like say that I support the petition for an anonymous survey and an investigation into the allegations against Doty.

The only reason I have heard against an anonymous survey is that things of this nature just breed disagreement. What is wrong with that? Disagreement is how this country was made; it is how this country has grown. Disagreement is inevitable as we diversify and become more transparent.

True, transparency brings more scrutiny. But if you are afraid of scrutiny, then get out of the public arena. The whole situation brings to light the possibility for change in how power is divided within public education. If there was an acceptable "check and balance" on this situation, would there be a petition for the survey and investigation?

Delese Bettinson