SALT LAKE CITY — Long after Utah's victory over Portland Thursday night, another game of interest to the Jazz organization was finishing up 600 miles to the west in Oakland. That's where Utah's playoff opponent, San Antonio, was playing Golden State.

The Jazz's interest had little to do with the Spurs, who looked nothing like the team that will be facing the Jazz Sunday with stars Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili all sitting out. It was on Golden State, which started five rookies.

The game was close all night before the Spurs pulled away in the final three minutes for a 107-101 victory behind Patty Mills' 34 points.

Now, besides practicing Friday, the Utah Jazz will be keeping an eye on an important random drawing in New York, which could determine whether they get a lottery pick or not this year.

The coin flip will be between the Warriors and Toronto, which both finished with records of 23-43, tied for seventh worst in the league.

If the coin flip goes go the Jazz's way (Toronto No. 7, Golden State No. 8), it doesn't necessarily mean they'll get the lottery pick. That will be determined on May 30 when the NBA Draft lottery is held.

The Warriors would keep the draft pick if they end up with a top-three pick in the lottery. The chances of that happening are just 12.4 percent, meaning the Jazz would basically have a nine-in-10 chance of getting the pick.