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William John Kennedy via Allen Cooper Enterprises, Associated Press
In this 1964 photo provided by Allen Cooper Enterprises, Andy Warhol looks through a removed panel from the β€œThe American Man Portrait of Watson Powell, Sr.,” which will be featured in an exhibit entitled: "Before They Were Famous: Behind the Lens of William John Kennedy," which runs through May 29, 2012, at the Site/109 gallery in New York.

NEW YORK β€” A new exhibition in New York City captures Andy Warhol as a young artist shortly before he exploded onto the art scene.

"Before They Were Famous: Behind the Lens of William John Kennedy" features rare shots of Warhol and artist Robert Indiana posing with what soon became their most celebrated works β€” Warhol's "Marilyn" and Indiana's "LOVE" logo.

Photographer Robert Kennedy took the pictures in 1964. They had been in storage for nearly 50 years before he rediscovered them in a "beat-up cardboard box" in his studio.

Among the highlights is an image of Warhol posing with an acetate proof of his now-famous Marilyn Monroe silkscreen.

The show at the Site/109 gallery runs through May 29. It's being presented by the Miami-based publishing house Kiwi Arts Group.