Scott K. Brown, Associated Press
Blake Koch (81) bounces off the wall in Turn 1 during the NASCAR Nationwide auto race at Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, Va., Friday Sept. 9, 2011.

Our Take: ESPN withdrew sponsorship from NASCAR driver Blake Koch because of statements he made on his personal website about his Christian faith, which nearly cost him a race. His inspiring boldness has prompted members of the faith-based community to step up and help him keep racing.

Last month, The Blaze reported about NASCAR driver Blake Koch and his campaign aimed at educating fans on the importance of voting in U.S. elections. As we highlighted, Koch alleged that ESPN refused to air his purely non-partisan and non-religious commercial based purely on religious content present on his personal web site.

Koch has teamed up with his sponsor, the Rise Up and Register campaign, in an effort to inspire greater political efficacy. But in an interview on FOX & Friends, Koch explained that a television ad he appeared in for the campaign never aired, as he alleges that ESPN rejected it based on purported political and religious overtones.

Koch told host Brian Kilmeade that ESPN relayed a message that the ad was pulled because of the religious undertones on his own web site. But the race-car driver reiterated that his ad was only intended to register one million people to vote. The effort, Koch said, wasnt tied to any party or candidate.

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