Our Take: A new translation of the Bible has emerged onto the scene with its own, 'unique' take on some traditionally important words used in past translations. "The Voice," a translation based on the King James Bible, works to take the Bible down a notch, to interest those who don't read the Bibles they already own by using more modern vernacular and by trying to capture the spirit of the Word, rather than the letter of the Word. The outcome? Lost in translation.

Theres a new Bible translation in town. The Voice, an apparently easier-to-digest format that is aimed at reaching those individuals who may own a Bible, but who rarely or never read it, is taking some interesting avenues to help ensure that people better comprehend the Good Book.

Heres the controversial part: The words angel, apostle and Christ have been removed from the translation. Its not that these themes arent present in the newfound Biblical interpretation. Instead, the translators have chosen alternatives. For instance, Jesus Christ is now Jesus the Anointed One. The meaning is still there, but the traditional semantics have been altered.

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