Mary Altaffer, Associated Press
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.Good morning from the Republican National Committee state chairmans meeting, where Mitt Romney and John McCain will rally the establishment this afternoon. The Rules Committee met yesterday afternoon to consider the calendar. My story explains why many party leaders are now happy with the protracted nominating fight: Ahead of McCain introducing Romney, the Democratic National Committee has posted this 77-second web video to highlight the hardest of the Arizona senators old attacks on Romney:

EXCLUSIVE RON PAUL RAISES $10.4 MILLION IN Q1: The Texas congressman will report today that he had $1.8 million cash on hand at the end of the first quarter. In March alone, Paul raised $2.6 million. He has no debt. The $10.4 million haul in the first three months of the year does not count a $1.4 million money bomb on April 15. As Paul continues to campaign, hes pairing many of his town halls with lunch fundraisers.

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