Ashley Lowery, Deseret News
Opponents of a proposed expansion at the Tesoro Refinery voiced their concerns to the state Division of Air Quality.

Air pollution along the Wasatch Front is bad enough already, sickening everyone. For the benefit of health — yours, mine, and that of our children — current cavalier practices in maintenance, and gross under-reporting of emissions must be rectified, and sooner rather than later. Any expansions of refineries should be allowed only after they have come into compliance with current regulations which must be enforced using modern pollution detection equipment.

We need the following:

1. A health study of what the refinery emissions are doing to the health of residents of South Davis County has never been done and should be done before expansion is allowed.

2. The three refineries that currently use hydrofluoric acid should be required to change to safer alternatives.

3. The refineries should be inspected regularly, not once every few years.

4. The refineries should be required to use remote sensing technology to detect the full extent of their fugitive emissions.

5. The state should adopt a policy that no net increase in refinery related pollution will be allowed.

Ask your children what they think about air pollution. They will thank you for caring about them.

Gerald Mayer