The Disability Law Center, or DLC, appreciates the complexity behind the Wasatch Choices for 2040 vision and the hard work now underway to implement it. At the same time, the Wasatch Front Regional Council is working with local governments to design streets, or networks of streets, to handle everything from pedestrians to trains safely and conveniently.

Both planning processes have done a good job of recognizing the potential impact of a growing population, an aging population and an increasingly diverse population. The next step is to take the consequences of these changes into account. For example, as people age, how will we meet the growing demand for accessible housing? As injured soldiers return, how will we reintegrate them into the workforce? As transportation becomes more expensive, how will we accommodate individuals who cannot drive or access public transit?

Each forum is developing innovative tools to answer these and other critical questions. It is the DLC's hope that participants remain committed to hearing and responding to the voice and needs of underrepresented groups going forward. We cannot afford to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a better future for all Utahns.

Stephanie Pitcher

Salt Lake City