I don't think putting kids on parents' insurance until 26 is a good thing. I think it makes it easier for them not to grow up and accept responsibility. Government, pay for college, buy me a home, pay for my food, give me unemployment for almost two years — where does it all end?

Rep. Lynn Woolsey says the people want it — interesting, as I have not seen one poll showing majority support for it. They twisted the arms of many who finally gave in and voted for a very bad bill. The Congressional Budget Office already almost doubled projected costs from the time it passed, and it will get worse.

People who want freedom should be very frightened if this health-care bill survives as our freedoms are disappearing at an alarming rate. I love how the federal government says it is always looking out for the middle class, of which we are members, and they do not speak for me or most that I know.

When Nancy Pelosi said you would have to pass the health-care bill to find out what was in it, she was not kidding. Taking over student loans, taxes on homes sold, rationing, mandatory coverage of abortion and so much more to come

We are headed toward the bad parts of Greece and Venezuela like a runaway train wreck. Let's put the brakes on while we still have them, if it is not already too late.

Patricia Sorensen

Salt Lake City