Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
From left, Merrill Cook and Richard Snelgrove support Mark Crockett in the second round of balloting for Salt Lake County mayor at the Salt Lake County GOP convention at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 14, 2012.Lake County mayor at the Salt Lake County GOP convention at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Results of delegate voting from county political conventions Saturday in Salt Lake and Utah counties:

In most cases, tallies are for the final round of voting, after all but two candidates were eliminated in a first or other earlier round. A candidate receiving 60 percent or more in delegate voting bypasses a primary election and will be on the ballot in November.

In some Salt Lake County GOP races, nominees are listed but vote tallies were not available late Saturday.

** Advances to general election in November.

* Two candidates compete in primary election in June.



County mayor

1st round/2nd round

*Mark Crockett 32% 58%

*Mike Winder 31% 42%

Richard Snelgrove 25%

Merrill Cook 7%

Gary W. Ott 4%

Larry Decker 2%

County Council

At-large C

*Joseph M. Demma 56%

*Melvin D Nimer 44%

Stephen M. "Steve" Harmsen, eliminated

Council District 4

**Missy W. Larsen 61%

Craig A. Ward 39%

Rainer Huck, eliminated

State Senate

District 6

**Wayne A. Harper 71%

Brandon Baker 29%

District 8

**Brian Shiozawa, to general election

Lee Brinton, eliminated

Jaren L. Davis, eliminated

Raymond Poole, eliminated

District 10

**Aaron V. Osmond (inc.) 83%

Aleta Andersen Taylor 17%

House of Representatives

District 26

**Andres Paredes, to general election

Bryan Smith Farnsworth, eliminated

District 31

*K. Ryan Jenkins, primary election

*Fred C Johnson, primary election

District 32

**LaVar Christensen (inc.) 68%

Austin Linford 32%

District 33

**Craig Hall, to general election

Ella Duke-Baxter, eliminated

Kimly C Mangum, eliminated

Marlin K Baer, eliminated

District 35

Casey R Fitts, to general election

Steve Anderson, eliminated

District 36

**Dana Dickson, to general election

Brady L. Curtis, eliminated

District 40

**Grace Sperry, to general election

Lee Howard, eliminated

District 41

**Dan McCay, to general election

Jason Bible, eliminated

District 42

**Jim Bird (inc.), to general election

John M. Scott, eliminated

District 43

**Earl Tanner, to general election

Peggy Jo Kennett, eliminated

Ben Watson, eliminated

District 46

**Wyatt J. Christensen, to general

Lee Anne Walker, eliminated

N. William Clayton, eliminated

District 50

**Rich Cunningham 68%

Merlynn T. Newbold (inc.) 31%

Steven Roberts, eliminated

District 52

**John Knotwell 73%

Joseph Ross 12%

Michelle Facer Baguley 10%

Jewel Skousen 5%



County mayor

**Ben McAdams 61.5%

Ross I. Romero 38.5%

County Council

District 4 1st round/2nd round

**Sam F. Granato 44.6% 60.5%

Deb Henry 20.6% 39.5%

Paul C. Nielson 19.2%

Jeff Hatch 15.7%

State Senate

District 8

*Ty McCartney 50.4%

*Josie Valdez 49.6%

R Scott Baker, eliminated

House of Representatives

District 24

**Rebecca Chavez-Houck(inc.)95.1%

Richard N. Goldberger 4.9%

District 26

**Angela Romero 71.8%

Brian Doughty (inc.) 28.2%

District 33

*Liz Muniz 53.6%

*Neal B Hendrickson (inc.) 46.4%



County Commission

*Larry A. Ellertson (inc.) 55%

*Lome W. Grierson 45%

John D. Morris, eliminated

Larry B. Hunter, eliminated

State Senate

District 7

**Deidre Henderson 74%

Glen W. Roberts 26%

District 14

**John L. Valentine (inc.) 65%

Craig A. Frank 35%

House of Representatives

District 6

*Jake Anderegg 59%

*Seth Moore 41%

David Sindt, eliminated

Sean Hullinger, eliminated

District 27

*Sarah Nitta 58%

*Mike Kennedy 42%

Larry Hilton, eliminated

Nancy Herbert Sechrest, eliminated

Ross Ford, eliminated

District 48

*Keven J. Stratton 57%

*Taz Murray 42%

Steve White, eliminated

Taylor Oldroyd, eliminated

Dani Hartvigsen, eliminated

District 56

*Christy Kane 58%

*Kay J Christofferson 42%

District 57

**John Glen Stevens 57%

Brian M. Greene 49%

Deanne Taylor, eliminated 1st round

District 60

*Bradley Daw (inc.) 50.2%

*Dana Layton 49.8%

Jacob A.J. Siebach, eliminated

District 66

**Mike McKell 68%

Kyle Roberts 32%

Carolina Herrin, eliminated 1st round

Robert A. Milton, eliminated 1st round

District 67

**Marc Roberts 64%

Jim Griffin 36%

Keith Mitchell, eliminated 1st round

John C. Ryan, eliminated 1st round

Richard Behling, eliminated 1st round