Ray Bloxham , SUWA
Looking west/northwest from the Sand Wash airstrip in far southwestern Uintah County. Under the BLM's preferred alternative, Gasco Energy, Inc. would be authorized to drill from along the tops of the Bad Land Cliffs in background and on the intermediate benches and along Wrinkle Road, a main access point to the Desolation Canyon stretch of the Green River.

I was saddened to read recently about the Bureau of Land Management's, or BLM, proposal to allow gas drilling near Desolation Canyon on public lands. This remarkable stretch of public lands should be protected, especially when an alternative exists that would allow for extensive development away from what is, in my opinion, one of north-eastern Utah's most scenic and spectacular locations.

The Gasco project, which the BLM is currently considering, would place over 200 wells on lands that should be designated wilderness. These lands are connected to Utah's incomparable Desolation Canyon. The BLM has in front of it an alternative for allowing 1,114 wells in the proposed project area, but these wells would be located away from wilderness-quality lands.

The agency should select that alternative and protect this spectacular place.

Kenneth Warnick

Salt Lake City