Tom Smart, Tom Smart, Deseret News
Orrin Hatch

I am disappointed that Mitt Romney has endorsed Orrin Hatch for re-election to the Senate.

There are too many friends of Hatch who erroneously think he is Utah's friend, but his voting record over the years proves that this is not the case. Hatch isn't our friend, or the nation's friend. His friend is Orrin Hatch. His voting record has helped to create the terrible problems in our nation today.

I voted for Hatch 36 years ago, but later, when I looked into his voting record, I changed my mind and my vote. His votes are consistently for pork-barrel entitlements, increased government control and deficit spending. All the friends of Hatch, for the sake of Utah and the Constitution, should vote facts rather than friendship. We need to retire Hatch.

Richard Toyn

Salt Lake City