FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. _ There will not be another Hurricane Irene in the Atlantic Basin.

Irene has been retired from the official list of named storms because of the fatalities and damage it caused, and will be replaced by the name "Irma,'" the World Meteorological Organization, announced Friday.

In this country, Irene was most notable for causing massive and widespread flooding along the Northeast coastline after making landfall for a second time in the U.S. as a tropical storm when it came ashore near Atlantic City on Aug. 28.

Irene moved north-northeastward bringing widespread damage from the mid-Atlantic region through New England. The storm caused catastrophic inland flooding in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Irene initially came ashore in the U.S. in North Carolina on Aug. 27 at Category 1 strength.

Irene became a hurricane on Aug. 22 and strengthened to a Category 3 storm two days later between Mayaguana and Grand Inagua in the Bahamas.

Forty-nine deaths have been attributed to Irene including 41 in the U.S.

Irene caused an estimated $15.8 billion in damage in the U.S.

Storm names are typically reused every six years unless they are retired because of casualties or damage.

Irene is the 76th name to be retired from the Atlantic Basin list since 1954.