Our take: Elizabeth Smart spoke at the Healthy Women Anniversary Event Tuesday night at Tooele High School. She said her life is focused on finding happiness, quoting her mother as her inspiration. "Elizabeth, what this man has done to you is terrible, and there aren't words to describe how wicked and evil he is. He has taken nine months of your life that you will never get back, but don't give him another moment. The best punishment you could ever give him is to be happy."

TOOELE Elizabeth Smart recounted Tuesday her experience while in captivity for nine months, and how a message of hope from her mother has helped her to put her life back in order after the traumatizing 2002 events.

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Smart spoke at the Healthy Woman Anniversary Event at Tooele High School. She told of the terrifying trials she faced beginning June 5, 2002, when Brian David Mitchell abducted her from her bedroom, holding a knife to her throat and threatening to harm her family if she did not cooperate.

She said that shortly after her kidnapping, after Mitchell had performed a marriage ceremony and raped her, she felt as if she was unworthy of being loved ever again. But she remembered her mother having told her in the past that her love for her daughter was unconditional.