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Ng Han Guan, Associated Press
A North Korean man stands near a monument calling for the people to follow Kim Jong Il's leadership outside North Korea's space agency's General Launch Command Center in Pyongyang, North Korea, Wednesday, April 11, 2012. Engineers are pumping fuel into a rocket that is set to carry a satellite into space, officials at the North Korean space agency's central command center said Wednesday, showing reporters a live feed of the west coast launch pad.

PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korea says leader Kim Jong Un has been named first secretary of the Workers' Party in what appears to be a new top party post.

Meanwhile, his late father, Kim Jong Il, was declared "eternal" general secretary of the ruling party at a special conference held Wednesday in Pyongyang.

The news came as North Korea puts the final touches on fueling a rocket it intends to send into space soon.