Even though I am a registered Republican, when I have recently heard people say, "There's no difference between Republicans and Democrats," I'm starting to understand their point of view.

For example, the tea party protests verses the Occupy Wall Street protests. Both sides have called the other side lazy, irresponsible, reckless and unAmerican.

Democrats have attacked Rush Limbaugh for the vile words he used in criticizing Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke. Yet most of these same Democrats have either downplayed, or in some instances defended, similar vile criticisms made against Republican women such as Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Laura Ingraham and Monica Crowley, just to name a few.

Finally, thanks to MSNBC TV host Lawrence O'Donnell, I am reminded again that both political parties have demonstrated their contempt and distorted attitude toward members of churches, such as the LDS Church.

True, Republicans and Democrats are very different when it comes to issues such as taxpayer money, government regulations and certain social issues, but when the issues are condescending rhetoric, incivility and ignorance, I'd say they are practically identical.

Clark Roger Larsen