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Mitt Romney

A vote for Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul is practically a vote for Obama. It is not practical, logical or mathematically possible for any of the previously mentioned to reach the required amount of needed votes, and their staying in the race will only give Obama more accomplishments.

It is now time that the other Republicans drop out and allow the real nominee, Mitt Romney, to come forward. What about a brokered convention? Oh yes, let's split the Republicans into even more categories, more brawling and have our eventual nominee walk from a battlefield.

The fight is over. Santorum could stay in the fight, but Gingrich and Paul should bow out. The battle is over. Santorum is still bashing Romney, but the outcome is certain and Santorum should stop wasting money.

Romney is now the candidate, and the others should allow him to walk to the general election with his head high.

Cody Lynn Barney

American Fork