Haraz N. Ghanbari, Associated Press
The United States Supreme Court in Washington is seen Saturday, March 24, 2012, two days before the court will begin hearing arguments Monday on the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, derisively labeled "Obamacare" by its opponents.

In every phase of the health-care delivery system, the state (not the federal government) rules supreme. The state licenses physicians, nurses, therapists, etc. The license to build a hospital or clinic is a state and local decision. Health care is typically rendered at a local level. I don't go to a physician in Washington D.C.

The federal government has no business regulating health care, nor mandating who buys insurance. I don't care how "wonderful" some people think Obamacare is, it defies the constitutional powers delegated to states and the federal government. May the Supreme Court recognize the few and enumerated powers of Congress and render Obamacare unconstitutional.

Frank Overfelt

Cottonwood Heights