Murray Close, Associated Press
In this image released by Lionsgate, Jennifer Lawrence portrays Katniss Everdeen, left, and Liam Hemsworth portrays Gale Hawthorne in a scene from "The Hunger Games."

SALT LAKE CITY — Thousands of Utah "Hunger Games" movie fans led Megaplex Theatres to six of the top 20 spots of the national box office figures for the midnight premiere attendance. The Megaplex Theatres finished first and second in the nation among the 10,000 movie screens at 4,150 complexes that showed the film at midnight on March 22.

Megaplex Theatres, founded by local businessman Larry. H. Miller, are among the most popular theatres in Utah, and among the top grossing theatres in the nation- as evidenced by the astounding turnout for the "Hunger Games" premiere.

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