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In this image released by Lionsgate, Jennifer Lawrence portrays Katniss Everdeen, left, and Liam Hemsworth portrays Gale Hawthorne in a scene from \"The Hunger Games.\"

I read "Lord of the Flies" when I was a teenager. It terrified me to think of children ganging up to murder another child. We as a society are concerned and sickened when children take weapons to school and kill teachers and classmates. We also know from numerous surveys that watching violent visual material results in more violence.

Now we have a movie that portrays just that — the murdering of children by children. We call it "entertainment" and admit it might be too much for sensitive pre-teens. I wonder at what age we can desensitize ourselves to the murdering of our most vulnerable to another child? I would not call that entertainment at any age.

Elizabeth Tew

South Jordan

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