Steven Senne, Associated Press
Supporter of former Pennsylvania Sen. and Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, Alex Strahan, of Hattiesburg, Miss., displays an Etch A Sketch drawing instrument at a campaign event for Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, in Metairie, La., Friday, March 23, 2012.

At long last, the nation has settled its long season of uncertainty regarding one of its potential leaders. What? No, not that leader. We're talking about Payton Manning's decision to play for the Broncos.

People complaining about how trivial and silly politics has become were proven wrong last week when the GOP campaign took on a sudden serious tone. Just call it Etch-ing out A Sketch of leadership.

Of course, the fact Etch-A-Sketches now suddenly are flying off the shelves may say as much about the American people as it does about their candidates.

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Personally, I look forward to the candidates' Hula-Hoop contest this summer in Tampa.

The Beach Boys will be headlining this year's Fourth of July Stadium of Fire event in Provo. Have you noticed that, as the performers and their original fans grow older, their song titles and lyrics take on new meaning? For instance:

"Good vibrations" means the massage recliner is set right.

"Help me Rhonda" is what you say when you want the nurse to get you out of the chair.

"I get around" means you got a new battery for the Segue.

"Surfer girl" is what grandma calls herself when she finally finds the remote.

"Let's go trippin'" means you have to go somewhere and you forgot the walker again.

"Magic transistor radio" is how the grandkids try to explain their iPod to you.

"Surfin' Safari" refers to searching the Internet with a certain web browser.

And a lot of the original fans now figure they'll have fun, fun, fun 'til their grandchildren take the T-Bird away.

This week, the big story will be the U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments about the "Obamacare" health plan. Why is that a health plan can make so many people sick just hearing about it?