Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Tiffany McAfee, right, collects votes as she hosts a caucus meeting at Elk Ridge Jr. High in West Jordan, March 15, 2012.\r\n

Those who complain about the caucus system seem to miss the point: A political party chooses from among its own a candidate to field in an election. A so-called "open" primary would allow individuals outside the party to influence whom that party chooses to represent it in the race for that particular office, contrary to the whole reason political parties exist in the first place.

Incumbents and those with lots of money do not like our caucus system, as it gives newcomers and those with less money a fighting chance to be the candidate chosen by the party to represent its platform and values.

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I feel it also helps keep office holders true to party values and principles, as it makes them easier to jettison when they do not. Unfortunately it is a rarity in politics when someone actually does what they say they will do once they get in office.

Our small neighborhood caucus system is grass roots in its purest form. Those who wish to get involved have a small venue in which they can have an impact, but making your voice heard requires a little more effort than belching your opinion from your easy chair.

Bert V. Pedersen

West Jordan

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