Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
GOP Caucus meeting at Lone Peak High School in Highland, March 15, 2012.\r\n

If the success of the party caucuses held recently is determined by voter turnout, then the caucuses can be considered a success. If, on the other hand, success is determined by voters' views being represented and carried out at conventions, then they are a dismal failure.

State delegates were basically chosen by who they would vote for for U.S. Senate. However, there are other races that will be determined at the convention, too: Utah governor, attorney general, state auditor and state treasurer. Other races to be determines at either the state or county convention include: the U.S. congressional races, state senators and state representatives, Salt Lake County mayor and Salt Lake County council races.

Delegates are free to vote for anyone they choose regardless of how precinct voters voted. In fact, there is no accountability whatsoever to ensure that the delegates even vote for the U.S. Senate candidate attendees preferred. And no input was even gathered as to how people feel about the other races and which candidates delegates should vote for in the majority of the races listed above.

Everyone but elected delegates are denied the opportunity to have meaningful input as to which candidates can be on the primary ballot. The caucuses are a sham when it comes down to government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Lynn F. Price

Salt Lake City

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