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Members of precinct 41 record election results as a Democratic caucus is held at the Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City, Tuesday, March 13, 2012. At front left is Angelina Tsu, the new chair of the precinct. Utah Democrats are gathering to select delegates for state and county party conventions.

My caucus experience was disappointing, to say the least. There were six nominated state delegates. Of the six, five refused to say whom they were supporting for U.S. senator. In attending, my assumption was the one for whom I voted if elected would represent my views at the state convention. This can never occur if delegates will not inform the voters of the candidate they are supporting.

The end result is that in Utah, only 4,000 determine who gets elected to high offices, all without regard as to how the general population feels. It is past time to replace the Utah caucus system. But then those elected by the 4,000 determine if the process changes. The entire thing is disappointing to me.

Norman Johnson


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