Scott G. Winterton, Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Residents attend the GOP Caucus meetings at Lone Peak High School in Highland. Thousands turned out at their Republican Party neighborhood caucus meetings around Utah, Thursday, March 15, 2012.

I recently attended my first and hopefully last political caucus. It was the Republican caucus, but the Democratic caucus was likely much the same. What a waste of time. There is no possible way that the state or county delegates can adequately represent my views. Neither will I stand as a delegate and be subject to the constant harassment of candidates seeking my vote.

The article titled "A Better Nominating Process" (Jan. 8) by former Gov. Michael Leavitt should be read by every voter. It states, "A group of people in both political parties … understand the system and have learned to use it as a way to exercise extensive influence over the outcome of elections. In fact, they will argue the system is best controlled by people like them who care enough to show up at caucus meetings."

I blame the Republican Party for this outrageous and messy nominating process. It controls the state Legislature, which refuses to make the needed changes. Although a conservative Utah Republican, I will vote a straight Democratic ticket until this vitally important issue is resolved.

Curt H. Call


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