In this next election, the key issues will be economic — which candidates present economic programs with a chance of working. And fortunately, both President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney have presented detailed economic plans.

The president's plan is, I think, a trifle optimistic, assuming growth in manufacturing, for example, beyond what reputable economists consider likely. Romney's plan, however, is preposterous. Shorn of its rhetoric, it assumes that more tax cuts for affluent Americans, and further deregulation, will somehow stimulate economic growth to record levels of productivity. We had eight years of Bush-onomics; we cannot afford a sequel.

If Obama is re-elected, and his plans are enacted, I think we will experience a modest but continuing economic recovery. If Romney is elected, our best hope is that the mendacity with which he has conducted his entire campaign continues in the realm of economic policy, and that the plans outlined on his website are just for show. Otherwise, our country will be in very serious jeopardy.

Eric Samuelsen