Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
GOP Caucus meeting at Lone Peak High School in Highland. Thousands turn out at their neighborhood caucus meeting around Utah Thursday, March 15, 2012.

It was so exciting to witness our Republican caucus. The room was small, and over 76 people crowded in, sitting at desks, on the floor or standing. Our leader was excellent.

After prayer and pledging the flag, we read the platform and ratified it. A new chair was chosen. We decided to vote by raise of hand to save time. Nominations were made for county delegates. Each spoke for 1 minute and answered questions. They left the room and we raised our hands as each name was called.

Each person got three votes for three delegates. The nominees also wrote ballots that were given to the counters. Votes were tallied and winners named. Then the steps were repeated for the state delegates.

We had nine people. Each had 2 minutes to speak and then answer questions. Four people were for ousting Hatch. Five people were for keeping him. Each person voted for two people (2 delegates). The winners were Hatch supporters, who believe the people of Utah should decide themselves if they want Hatch or not. Many were very upset when Bob Bennett was ousted at the last caucus and not able to be on a primary ballot. I have never witnessed such a spirited meeting. I am grateful we have caucus meetings in Utah.

Robyn Lee


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