Chuck Wing, Deseret Morning News
Mitt Romney gives an interview during the 1990s, when he was head of Bain Capital. His cautious, devil's advocate approach defined the investment firm, which focused on leveraged buyouts.

BOSTON In the summer of 1996, Mitt Romney received a frantic report from one of his fellow executives at Bain Capital.

Robert Gays 14-year-old daughter, Melissa, had gone missing after taking a train into New York City, Gay told Romney. Gay said he and his wife, Lynette, had contacted the police and were desperately trying to track down Melissa.

She might have become lost in an underworld rave party scene after attending a party on Randalls Island on the citys East River. Rave parties were typically all-night affairs punctuated by the use of the drug Ecstasy, which can induce euphoria or hallucinations. The Gays feared their daughter might be unable to contact home.

Romney stepped in and committed Bains resources to help with the search.

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