Howard Shorthill, Utah State University
Researchers with the Uintah Basin Winter Ozone Study launch a blimp in early 2011 to take air quality samples.

A recent article citing the impact of poor air quality on health problems like stroke and heart attack was compelling ("Studies link air pollution to increased risk of strokes and dementia," Feb. 15).

Whether we as residents of the state are only mildly annoyed by our poor air or whether we accept the increasing number of studies validating air quality's impact on health, we should all encourage our lawmakers to protect the health and well being of those whom they represent.

For Reps. Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, Jim Matheson and Sen. Orrin Hatch, this is a year of election. A very reasonable question we should all be asking is what legislation are they supporting to fund, discover and implement clean energy alternatives.

Matt Weed