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"Protected" is by Utah author Cindy Hogan.

"PROTECTED," by Cindy Hogan, Brigham Distributing, $14.99, 341 pages (f)

In her new book "Protected," Cindy Hogan continues the adventures of a young woman chased by terrorists, young men and FBI agents.

Christy Hadden has returned to her normal, boring, comfortable life in Helena, Mont., after her adventures in "Watched." But her life is about to change again, and this time it might be permanent.

At 15 years of age, Christy is almost ready to begin dating, driving and enjoying the things teen girls look forward to all their lives. Alex, a friend from her time in Washington, D.C., has appeared, and with his dashing good looks and winning personality, Christy is suddenly a popular girl on campus. But all her joy is short-lived as the terrorists from her past suddenly turn up and take her and Alex hostage.

What follows is a tense, taut, and exciting thriller with Christy at the center of all the action. And the greatest challenge for Christy is to see if she can really leave all she loves and knows in order to protect her family and friends. Only if she can become someone different — someone she has always despised — will she be able to disappear from the radar of the dangerous terrorists.

Written as a young adult novel, "Protected" is a fitting sequel to Hogan's popular first novel "Watched," which was a finalist in an contest to be published as more than an ebook.

Much of the story in "Protected" involves Christy in dangerous and often compromising situations.

This young woman attempts to keep her standards, but like many young people, sometimes finds herself slipping from what she knows is correct. Parents should be aware that there are incidents of underage dating, kissing and aggressive behavior between the heroine and the young men in her life. But even with these parts, the style and tenor of the story is appropriate for teens and older young people.

Hogan has hit another home run with this new installment to her series.

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