Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Lincoln Elementary students wrote thank-you notes for the presents they received through Utah Central Credit Union.

I've wondered for a long time now if anyone else (who is a grandma or great grandma) is experiencing the same thing that I am, and that is that no one calls or sends thank-you notes anymore.

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I love to give a card or gift for new babies, etc. But I wait in vain for a "Thank you, grandma." I've almost decided to quit sending these things now. Maybe nowadays everyone has so much that they just take things for granted.

When I was a little girl (way back when), I would have been so happy to receive a card or gift from my grandma, but I never did. Of course, that was back during the Depression days, so maybe that was why.

It takes the joy out of my shopping for and sending these gifts, since they are not recognized.

Not all of my grandchildren or children are like this, but most are.

Dorothy Bradley

Fruit Heights