Ravell Call, Deseret News
Utah Blaze receiver Aaron Lesue (22) hauls in a TD pass against Kansas City defender Sergio Gilliam last season. Lesue has emerged as Utah's go-to receiver.

Former Utah State receiver Aaron Lesue has continued to produce in the Beehive State. In his best AFL season to date last season, the goose-bump-quick wideout started eight games during the Blaze record setting year. He hauled in 77 receptions for 912 yards and 27 touchdowns. Hes quickly become one of the faces of the franchise and will be one of the main offensive target as Utah enters the 2012 campaign with championship aspirations. The Deseret News Trevor Phibbs caught up with him this week.

Q: You emerged as one of the standout receivers on the Blaze after posting your best professional season of your career. Now, with the retirement of Aaron Boone, you're the No. 1 option for quarterback Tommy Grady. Are you excited to step into that high-stakes role, and how can you improve upon last season?

A: That's what I play for. As an athlete you wait for that opportunity and when it comes, that's what you've been practicing for and playing for. Tommy and I have had really good offseason together. We've become really good friends and worked out together. I'm excited about it because I know we'll see success, and it's going to be a lot of fun.

Q: You played your college ball at Utah State after relocating constantly throughout your adolescence. What is it about the state of Utah that you enjoy?

A: I was a military kid — I lived in so many different states growing up. After Utah State my family moved to Orem and they're there now. I had a really good opportunity to meet a lot of people, and it's been a good experience being a part of the community that has made it my home. I was born in Missouri but lived in Colorado, California, Florida, South Carolina, Virginia, but (Utah is) home to me now.

Q: In a game on the NFL Network last year at EnergySolutions Arena, you provided one of the most memorable moments by proposing to your wife. Describe that experience.

A: That was a fun experience, and it wasn't one that I really planned to do it that way. It was brought up that that's what I was going to do and the ownership (was) like, 'Hey, you should do it at the game.' It really kind of happened before I even knew it. I had a lot of family and friends there and it was kind of unreal to me that all of sudden it was go time. The cameras were there and it just happened to be an NFL Network game. It was definitely a memorable experience for me.

Q: What aspects of the arena game do you prefer over standard football coming from a receivers' perspective?

A: Well, a receivers' perspective, I've been in systems — even at Utah State — where we weren't throwing the ball a lot. Receivers play almost for that 7-on-7, where you just want to run your route and get the ball thrown to you and score touchdowns. That's kind of what the arena game is about — airing it out. That's the fun of it.

Q: do you feel this team is truly capable of making some noise in the postseason?

A: Absolutely. That's a long way away and a lot happens in between now and then, but we're on track right now. With the improvements that we've made and the consistencies we've made, I think we're definitely planning on making some noise and making some things happen.