Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert announces a U-CAIR clean air initiative in Salt Lake City Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2012. The governor is surrounded by alternative fuel source vehicles during the news conference.

I was encouraged by the Desert News article "Governor announces clean air initiative" (Jan. 31). There is no doubt that, with Utah's growing population and industry, our winter inversions are becoming exponentially worse every year. It is paramount that we take steps to reverse those trends.

I deem it ironic, however, that at his U-CAIR news conference Gov. Gary Herbert was standing next to both an electric car (EV) and a compressed natural gas vehicle (CNG). Why ironic? Because the CNG vehicle qualifies for a whopping $2,500 tax incentive, yet the EV only a paltry $605.

Such inequity undermines the goals of his U-CAIR initiative. After all, EVs now head the EPA's top ten list of clean vehicles: Is the purpose of Utah's clean fuel tax incentives to support U-CAIR, or merely to subsidize Questar Gas? To truly embrace the governor's initiative, the Legislature needs to put an end to such favoritism, and award EVs the same $2,500 incentive as CNG vehicles.

Mark D. Larsen