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Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott star on "Property Brothers," which airs on HGTV.

DETROIT (MCT) — Drew and Jonathan Scott are best known as the "Property Brothers" on HGTV. On the show, the 33-year-old identical twins find homes in need of repair and then fix them up for their clients.

Jonathan is a licensed contractor and Drew is a licensed real estate agent. In 2004, they founded Scott Real Estate, with offices in Vancouver and Calgary in Canada, and Las Vegas, where they now live.

They took a break from filming episodes of their show in Austin, Texas, to talk with the Detroit Free Press.

Q: Were you on television before "Property Brothers"?

Drew: We've been in the film industry since we were kids. I'm a director as well. Originally, ("Property Brothers") was called "My Dream Home" and it was a guy / girl combination (but) they changed it around to be for brothers. The network loved it.

Jonathan: It is kind of a perfect blend of both of our worlds. We have done television and film, and we also have this very successful real estate company. What we do on the show is basically what we've been doing with clients and ourselves for almost 16 years. We're all like a big family; we all have a blast. You'll see that just loaded a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes videos and web episodes that Drew and I actually write.

Drew: And you can get an idea of the funny stuff that goes on. The big thing that we try to stress on our show (is) you can take your job seriously but not yourself. And we have a lot of fun while we do this. Still, in the end, we get everything done quickly and within budget and it just looks amazing.

Q: On the show your relationship seems relaxed and playful. Do you always get along?

Jonathan: Yea, Drew and I pretty much have the perfect relationship because we sort of have this no BS rule with each other. We say what's on our mind, good news or bad news, and that way nobody's ever disappointed. People always are asking if we ever argue and fight and, to be honest, we don't.

Q: Jonathan, tell me about your career as an illusionist.

Jonathan: I do everything from full-scale Vegas-style production down to small sleight of hand. As a kid, I designed all my illusions and did all of the woodworking. I've always been hands-on.

Q: And Drew, tell me about the films you produce and direct?

Drew: Jonathan and I, along with our older brother (J.D. Scott), have produced independent films as well as some large events in Canada including TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival. We do an event called the Producers' Ball. And then in Vancouver there's an event called the Leo Awards. I've been a producer for them for four years.

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