Spenser Heaps, Associated Press
"Labor 101's" Becky Rasmussen, second from left, practices yoga with her children.

PROVO, Utah — Take experience in customer service, add a dash of marketing expertise and shake with a career as a birth coach — voila, you have mybirthclass.com.

Becky Rasmussen of American Fork has combined her interests and training to create "Labor 101," a series of three DVDs with information about childbirth.

The DVDs feature Rasmussen, two obstetricians, a sports psychologist, a certified nurse midwife and a pediatrician.

"I started teaching in 2003," she said. "I had a lot of couples attending BYU or UVU. They were expecting their first child. Some of them would call me in the next stage of life, wanting a refresher course."

For some, that was easy. Others had moved out of state, which presented a problem.

Rasmussen also took time off after she lost a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Doctors eventually asked her when she would come back, because prospective parents were asking.

"We started brainstorming how to give them some additional resources and how to lengthen my reach beyond the local boundaries," she said.

And "Labor 101" was born.

"Our product is on six continents," she said. "We just filled orders from Australia, Canada, Russia, Sweden and Greece."

The same experience that makes Rasmussen a natural to teach about childbirth — she has had seven children — makes it challenging to run a business, but the family has it down to a science. They have a fulfillment center to process and ship Internet orders. As they have been expanding into more brick-and-mortar stores, they arrange for those shipments.

She and her husband, Neil, are early risers, and they make lists of things they need to accomplish. Neil then commutes to a computer job in north Salt Lake City, and Rasmussen takes over family responsibilities.

"I do my things with the kids, and my smartphone notifies me when there is anything urgent," she said.

The family believes in teaching responsibility, and the children have after-school duties. The six living children range from 2 to 13 years old.

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"I think it is important to let some of that go," Rasmussen said. "We let the children learn and enjoy that it is off my plate."

Her high energy helps sustain her through the world of business.

"It makes me happy to touch someone's life and hopefully help them with their birth," she said. "I have an enthusiasm and fire for making this new production even better than what we have already done."

The couple plans on redoing the DVDs in high definition with special effects to enhance the production, thanks to a $15,000 Huggies grant they received.