Franklin County SheriffÍs Department, File , Associated Press
FILE - This Jan. 29, 2010 file photo provided by the Franklin County SheriffÍs Department shows firefighters battling a blaze from a shake-and-bake meth lab explosion, in Union, Mo. Meth lab seizures rose nationally again in 2011, with Missouri regaining the top spot according to an Associated Press survey of the nation’s top meth-producing states. AP’s survey found Missouri first with 2,096 lab seizures, Tennessee was second with 1,687, followed by Indiana with 1,437, Kentucky with 1,188 and Oklahoma with 902.

ST. LOUIS — An Associated Press survey of the nation's top methamphetamine-producing states shows national lab seizures rose again last year.

The survey confirmed that Missouri regained the top spot for lab seizures in 2011 with just more than 2,000 busts. It also found that Tennessee came in second with almost 1,700, followed by Indiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

Federal data the AP obtained this week from the Drug Enforcement Administration appeared to show meth lab seizures remained about even during the past two years. But totals from the states surveyed by AP are higher.

The numbers combined indicate nationwide meth lab seizures actually rose at least 8.3 percent in 2011 compared to 2010.

The AP polled the states after determining that several had not yet reported full-year data to the DEA.