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Greg Miller approaches Karl Malone after the game in this photo. They then went into the Jazz coaches' room to chat.


Karl Malone appeared at EnergySolutions Arena on Monday for the first time since a verbal war erupted with Jazz owner Greg Miller.

Malone recently said that he had to buy scalped tickets to a game in 2011, to which Miller responded by accusing Malone of lying.

The two met after the Jazz-Spurs game for over an hour. Miller didn't comment, while Malone only said, "We talked. It's between me and Greg."

Rock On sources say Miller actually wanted to know if he could borrow the Mailman's truck to haul off that statue in front of ESA.


A lot of nicey-nice talk occurs when NBA players reference opponents. For instance: "He's a talented player" or "They have a great team."

But occasionally the gloves come off.

Such was the case last week when Miami's Shane Battier fired off a tweet that said, "I once dunked on Greg Ostertag. I don't know if I should be proud of that, though."

Rock On understands completely. He once wrote that the Jazz should offer Ostertag a contract extension.

He doesn't know if he should be proud of that, either.


Big Al is Big Al. As such, Jazz center Al Jefferson is one of the few truly quotable players on the roster.

After scoring 26 points in the first half and 34 for the game against Washington on Friday, Jefferson declared: "Once that right hand gets going, even I can't stop it."

And here's more good news: Once his mouth gets going, he can't stop that, either.


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Four-star football recruit Alvin Kamara said via Twitter that he received 105 recruiting letters from Alabama — in a single day.

"Yea it was 1 days worth of mail!" Kamara tweeted. "I counted!"

A hundred and five letters in a day!

That's nearly as many as Rock On received after missing his cable bill.


Reports claim linebacker Cassanova McKinzy signed with Auburn this month, rather than Clemson, because he believed it was closer to a Chick-fil-A.

Good thing for Auburn he didn't love Brussels sprouts.

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