NCIS (7 p.m., Ch. 2): Gibbs clashes with Dr. Samantha Ryan (Jamie Lee Curtis) of the PsyOps Division when a Navy reservist is found dead from a suspected suicide.

Last Man Standing (7 p.m., Ch. 4): When Mike's younger brother and father visit, a sibling rivalry ensues.

The Biggest Loser (7 p.m., Ch. 5): The winner of a food challenge gets the power to rearrange the teams.

American Experience (7 p.m., Ch. 7): The presidency of William Jefferson Clinton spans two terms.

Glee (7 p.m., Ch. 13): New Directions and the Warblers face off at regionals.

Cougar Town (7:30 p.m., Ch. 4): To avoid hurting anyone's feelings, Jules asks Laurie and Ellie to be her co-maids of honor.

NCIS: Los Angeles (8 p.m., Ch. 2): The team tries to establish Kensi Blye's innocence after she is accused of murdering one of the colleagues of her now-deceased father.

The River (8 p.m., Ch. 4): As the search for Emmet continues, the group finds one of his missing crew members exhibiting symptoms of a mystical curse.

Ringer (8 p.m., The CW): Bridget runs into an important figure from her and Siobhan's past.

(8:30 p.m., Ch. 13): When Jimmy and Sabrina agree to be completely honest with each other, an unusual childhood phobia is revealed.

Unforgettable (9 p.m., Ch. 2): Carrie and Al are faced with a baffling mystery when a murder victim is found in an empty ballpark.

Body of Proof (9 p.m., Ch. 4): After a car accident reveals a dead body in the trunk, the team is led to another body, giving the team two cases to solve.

Parenthood (9 p.m., Ch. 5): Julia and Joel go to the hospital for their baby's birth.