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Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson (25) questions a call by official Jason Phillips, left, in the third quarter of an NBA basketball game in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012. Oklahoma City won 111-85. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

1. Luckily, shooting 3s isn't their job

The grand finale to Sunday morning's shootaround in Houston? A 3-point shooting contest between Al Jefferson and a barking Jeremy Evans while teammates watched and talked trash.

The winner between the two players who have combined to make zero long bombs in their NBA careers?

It took a while, but Evans finally beat Jefferson, who hit three straight at one point.

Jefferson, 0-for-22 from 3-point range: "I didn't want to embarrass him."

2. Golly gee, Wally, sweet dreams

Playing three games in three days in three different cities was exhausting for the Jazz. Al Jefferson said he slept the day away Wednesday. Earl Watson worked out in the morning, ate breakfast, came home and turned on an old rerun of "Leave it to Beaver" when he started snoozing (not the Cleavers' fault, either).

"I don't even know how I feel asleep. All I know, I was watching 'Leave it to Beaver' and just woke up and was, like, 'Man, the news is on.'"

Watson defended his actions as well — watching Beaver, that is, not sleeping the day away.

"I love that show," he said with an aw-shucks smile. "I grew up on that show."

3. Feeling the love

Earl Watson and Josh Howard might be in contention for "Father of the Year" after sending flowers to their children on Valentine's Day. Watson sent a dozen roses and a little teddy bear to his 2-year-old daughter in preschool. Howard had flowers delivered to his son and daughter along with his mom and grandma while the Jazz were in Oklahoma.

"They were very, very appreciative," he said. "I did it because I knew they weren't expecting it."

Evans picked out and bought his girlfriend a dress — something he was teased about by teammates. Gordon Hayward sent flowers and the latest "Twilight" movie to his girlfriend.

"I think," he said, smiling, "she's on Team Edward."

Before the trip, Raja Bell made sure his wife, Cindi, got gifts from him and cards from their three sons.

"Mommy's got a lot of boys in the house," he said. "So she gets a lot of Valentine's love."

4. Food fight

DeMarre Carroll searched unsuccessfully for a pork chop sandwich in Utah last week. But it didn't take the new Jazz man long to discover Utah's culinary treasure known as Café Rio. Up next: fry sauce.

Southern cuisine was a hot topic during the Jazz's road trip. In Memphis, Earl Watson and Alec Burks bragged about Kansas City's beef barbeque being superior to the pork ribs in Elvis' old stomping grounds.

Watson teased Evans, saying he once ordered BBQ in Arkansas.

Watson: "You know what they gave me?"

Me: "Squirrel?"

Watson: "A salad."

5. Little LOL moments

Jamaal Tinsley got teased in Oklahoma City because his locker was tucked in a corner while others were in an open room. Raja Bell to Tinsley: "Are you in timeout?" ... Bell was reading the book "Inside the World of ESPN" when I jokingly told him that they turned the book into a TV show. It's so big now it's got its own network ... The world's worst heckler resides in New Orleans. Among the many lame taunts he sent the Jazz's direction was one in which he told Gordon Hayward he must be the token BYU guy on the team ... Memphis' throwback ABA uniforms (green bottoms, gold tops) looked like something you might find in my high school's JV team closet (Go Kearns!).

Coming attractions

Today vs. Spurs, 7 p.m., ROOT

Spurs are on a weird, 9-game road trip — they played in Toronto and L.A. in consecutive games — but they keep on winning. Of course.

Wednesday at Timberwolves, 6 p.m., ROOT

The Rubio-Love connection might soon make Jazz long for the good old days when the T-Wolves were only considered "pesky" to Utah.

Thursday-Monday at Sunny Locations, No TV

Jazz players will enjoy the All-Star break in non-All-Star locations — the exception being Rising Star participant Gordon Hayward.

The big stat


Raja Bell has hit a 3-pointer in 18 straight games. His streak began Jan. 11 after he began the season going 1-for-9 from deep. He was near the line on one long ball vs. Houston, but a video replay showed it was indeed a three.

Who's hot: Al Jefferson

Big Al deserves this recognition based simply on his 24-point outburst Friday when he scored 14 points in a row.

Who's not: Josh Howard

Veteran small forward has gone scoreless multiple times in the past week and hasn't hit double figures since Feb. 4.