I read your recent editorial, "The subtler side of religious bigotry" (Feb. 5), with interest. I don't intend to apologize for the actions of the "left" leaning media, but I am curious, when you express concern for "civil discourse, understanding, and decency … " how you turn a blind eye to the campaign tactics being employed these days by Mitt Romney.

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Over 95 percent of his $5 million plus advertising campaign in Florida was characterized as "negative." Several unbiased third parties fact checked his ads and found they were full of untruths and blatant inaccuracies.

Does Romney's LDS faith give him a pass with the Deseret News editorial board? Are we willing to overlook his disrespect and lack of "decency and civil discourse" because we are so anxious to see a Mormon elected president? Perhaps Romney's penchant for pandering to his audience lends credence to the disrespect held by some for those of the LDS faith.

Scott Davis