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Ross D. Franklin, Associated Press
In this Feb. 12, 2012, photo, a patron attends an exhibit featuring Geronimo and other Apache tribe warriors in history at The Heard Museum in Phoenix. The exhibit, "Beyond Geronimo: the Apache Experience" runs through January 2013 and includes some of Geronimo's personal possession as well as photographs, paintings and other artifacts.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — The story of Geronimo easily overshadows that of other Apaches who were trying to protect their people and way of life from encroachment.

He was a legendary Apache warrior who is said to have walked without leaving footprints as he evaded thousands of Mexican and U.S. soldiers. Geronimo ultimately surrendered after years on the run and died as a prisoner of war, but he endures as a symbol of American Indian resistance.

A new exhibit at the Heard Museum in Phoenix draws on the popularity of the Geronimo name. But it also highlights the not-so-recognizable stories of other Apaches.

A piece by Dustinn Craig pays tribute to the Apache scouts who spent years looking for Geronimo throughout the Southwest.

The exhibit, "Beyond Geronimo: The Apache Experience," runs through January.