Jerusalem update: “While there have been recent comments about possible Israeli responses to the development of nuclear capabilities by Iran by a few US and some Israeli officials, the security situation within the Holy Land has not changed — tensions within the Holy Land itself are low and there are no known threats to the Center or to the BYU/JC students. Likewise, the risks and challenges associated with student travel within the Holy Land, Jordan and Turkey have not changed.” So states this recent “Security Update” from the BYU-Jerusalem Center. And if you’re still nervous about recent events, then check this out: “Jerusalem is likely to be among the safest areas in the Middle East if there is military action against Iran and there are retaliatory strikes against Israel. And within Jerusalem the safest area is East Jerusalem where the Center is located. No Muslim country or group is going to endanger the Dome of the Rock or Al Asqa mosques, the Old City or the Arab neighborhoods in the vicinity of the Old City.” Click in to read more.

20th anniversary: Today marks the “20th anniversary” of the Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands Mission and this mission president provides a photo essay (including one embedded video) of their commemoration. More than 1,000 people attended the special meeting that included missionary-run workshops. Wow, what an amazing event!

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Rootstech notes: This blogger had the opportunity to attend Rootstech at the beginning of the month, and kindly reproduced what she learned. Here’s a snippet of some of the technological things she discovered: “Dropbox is a way cool option for storing documents and photos, research, etc. online so you can access them anywhere, not to mention share them with far-flung cousins. Am I the last person to know this? Genealogical uses for QR codes — I didn’t know you could generate your own QR codes, but how great is it that you could affix them to a headstone so whoever comes along next could scan it and get a history of that person.” Cool! Click in for much more.

Valentine’s FHE: What better Valentine’s eve family home evening than a lesson the importance of “Pure Love” and an activity celebrating love in your family? I love the idea to make a family tree filled with photos and love notes. Check the entire lesson plan out.

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