Crews established a firebreak Friday around an 820-acre wildfire that has been burning on public land since it was started by lightning Wednesday afternoon.

The Mud Springs Fire, as it has been named, is in an area 5 miles southwest of Tintic Junction and 10 miles north of the Little Sahara Recreation Area, said Bureau of Land Management spokesman Bert Hart.

Wind gusts from a mostly dry storm system have made the fire particularly difficult to handle, Hart said.

Additional fires in the BLM's Richfield District are likely because of dry conditions and frequent lightning strikes, Hart said. Lightning detection equipment counted 2,041 lightning strikes in Utah Thursday; 400 of those were inside the Richfield District.

The fire had consumed 700 acres of sage, grassland and scattered junipers as of Thursday, and the total acreage burned had increased to 820 acres by the time the firebreak was established at 4:30 a.m. Friday. "It's one of those fires that has long fingers, which makes for a very large firebreak," Hart said. One bulldozer and a water tanker truck were assisting 12 state and federal firefighters Friday.