The Emerson Elementary School PTA board attributes its increased membership and success to its volunteer coordinator, Elaine Christensen.

Christensen has organized several programs that have improved the efficiency of the PTA. She taught faculty and volunteers how to coordinate their efforts and eliminate duplication and wasteful programs.She also attended a volunteer workshop in Park City, created a volunteer manual for Emerson School and placed a PTA bulletin board in every classroom. During the summer, Christensen called hundreds of parents and potential volunteers so each classroom would have a volunteer working in it in the fall. She also helped organize registration day and made sure every parent had all of the necessary registration materials before the actual day of registration.

Christensen worked closely with volunteers and teachers, making sure they were aware of PTA programs and that no volunteer was being overworked. In addition, she organized a luncheon to honor all volunteers. She arranged the decorations, menu, certificates and gifts, paying some of the expenses out of her own pocket.

While she served as Emerson's PTA volunteer coordinator, Christensen worked full time, was a wife and mother and a full-time student at Weber State College.