Dave Candland, former traffic guru and still a natural ham, is back in broadcasting after three months in limbo following his mysterious disappearance from Fox 13 News.

Now he's the morning personality on KFVR ("Fever 107.9" FM) from 6-10 a.m. weekdays.He started his new show Monday on "Utah's Movin' Oldies" station, which features music from the late 1960s through the early 1980s.

"This job opened up; I'm happy to have it," said the former traffic reporter for Fox 13 News and Metro Traffic. "Channel 13 and I could not reach an agreement. I did resign."

Candland said he had a bad contract, and since he left, he's been haunted by the legalities of its six-month no-compete clause. Otherwise, he'd probably have ended up on KUTV/Ch. 2.

He still doesn't rule out TV as a possibility down the line -- even if it means doing radio and TV together.

"I don't look on radio as a step down," he said.

As the main Metro Traffic reporter, Candland was frequently heard throughout the mid-1990s on a half-dozen stations. But his biggest claim to fame is perhaps that Ch. 13 commercial, where he's out sweeping a road and saying, "It's what I do." Ch. 13 had hired him to cash in on all the road construction.

Unlike some broadcast personalities, Candland is the same off air as on. "What I was on TV, I was in person," he said.

He's one of those rare genuinely humble people, and he said that's why FM-107.9 hired him.

As the new station adds traffic and news in coming weeks, he's likely to feel even more at home. It's possible, too, that as the station expands, he may get a co-host.

He's especially happy to be on a music-intensive station that plays songs he grew up with.

No stranger to radio, Candland worked as a DJ for the Christian music station in the 1980s. He's a University of Utah journalism graduate. He says he's a runner and that he collects vintage clothing and has a massive CD/record collection.

Candland plans to have lots of humor in his show -- G-rated humor that is family oriented. He'll also be doing listener phone calls and contests. "I'm off the cuff . . . I'll just be me."

This weekend at the South Towne Mall, Candland is staging a "Best Legs" contest. However, this event is for kids age 3 or under.

Candland is one of those easygoing hams who is a perfect fit with radio.

Besides Candland, FM-107.9 has two other live hosts -- Scott Tysen, on the air from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. weekdays, and Rob Olson, from 3-7 p.m.

KZHT (FM-94.9) will sponsor the "Big Friday Event," a charity concert on Friday, May 19, in the E Center, featuring Eiffel 65, Melissa Etheridge, Splendor, Enrique Inglesias and Sugar Ray.

Tickets are now on sale at the E Center and all Smith'sTix locations. Proceeds will go to the Clear Channel Children's Fund.

KZHT's winter concert raised $18,000 for that charity.

RADIO HAPPENINGS -- National Public Radio has its first Internet-only program, "All Songs Considered." NPR offers music linking to its newsmagazine stories, featuring an extensive range of musical selections -- jazz, swing, folk, blues and classical. Access it at www.npr.org . . . "Simon and Brady" on KBEE sponsored a diaper derby last week -- 40 babies in a race, crawling across the Delta Center floor. Winners got Utah Jazz tickets for their parents . . .

"Mick and Allen" on KURR said they were frustrated again this week by continuing problems with their computer system. Allen said it's ironic that Clear Channel is the world's largest radio-station company in the world, and yet studio computers don't work properly. Mick left the studio Monday to go to his home computer and try and get something printed out he needed for the show . . . Jimmy Chunga of KENZ was all alone on the air earlier this week because "Mr. West" had taken a vacation to Disneyland.

Deseret News radio editor Lynn Arave can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at 237-2168.