A camper demolished by a train early Thursday morning may not have been occupied when it was hit, but Sandy police still did not know the whereabouts of the driver hours after the collision.

The engineer of the northbound train told police he locked the brakes when he rounded a curve and saw the camper stopped on the tracks with its lights out several minutes after midnight, said Sgt. Baird Jones.The camper was on a farm access road near 98th South and Fourth West when it was hit and may have been unoccupied at the time. Family members of the man who owns and was driving the camper said they hadn't seen or heard from the driver since he left in the camper several hours before the collision.

"The engine was cold. I don't know that it had been there a long time, but we never found anybody," Jones said.

The man's family members told police they often do not know where he is for hours or even days at a time.