A federal grand jury returned perjury indictments against two PTL ministry figures, including the preacher who paid Jessica Hahn's way to Florida for a sexual tryst with televangelist Jim Bakker.

Evangelist John Wesley Fletcher of Durham, N.C., was charged Tuesday with one count of perjury for conflicting statements about whether sex was the sole purpose for flying Hahn to Clearwater, Fla., on Dec. 6, 1980.The Rev. Sam Johnson, pastor of Bakker's former Heritage Village Church, was charged with nine counts of perjury for testimony about the source of $10,000 that became a down payment for Hahn's silence about the encounter.

The indictment of Fletcher and Johnson came one year to the day after another grand jury indicted Bakker and former PTL executive Richard Dortch on 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy, and two other aides on tax fraud charges.

Bakker and aides David and James Taggart were convicted in separate trials and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.