CHICAGO (AP) -- A Secret Service agent assigned to protect first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton during a visit to Chicago last fall had her gun stolen at a hotel bar that same day, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.

Citing statements from officials and court testimony, the newspaper said the gun was in veteran agent Mary Drury's purse under her chair when it was taken Oct. 27 at the Fairmont Hotel. Drury had guarded Clinton earlier that day but was off-duty at the time of the theft.Kenneth Blake, a heroin addict who has been arrested 39 times, was charged with possessing the stolen gun. He denied he took the weapon, but at a hearing last week, Secret Service Agent William Siemer testified that Blake bragged it was his "insurance policy" if he ever got into trouble.

Police helped recover the gun last month in its customized Secret Service holder.

The Secret Service wouldn't comment on whether Drury was drinking when the theft happened. Even if agents aren't on duty, the Secret Service discourages them from drinking at the same location where they're protecting someone.