Residents of an apartment complex have reported seeing an F-16 fighter jet from Hill Air Force Base narrowly avoid a collision with what they believed to be a commercial airliner.

But a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration in Seattle said no near-collision reports were filed by any commercial pilots flying over northern Utah on Tuesday.Bud Snelson, director of the FAA's evaluation staff, said people on the ground often report such incidents but are usually mistaken.

"It's impossible to tell from the ground the proximity of two aircraft," Snelson said. "We get these calls frequently from people who think two planes were riding right on each other's wings when, in fact, they are separated by a safe distance."

However, three residents of the Skyline View Apartments in Layton said they have watched hundreds of aircraft and that what they saw Tuesday was no optical illusion.

"I was sitting in the grass there about 12:30 (.m.) and saw two jets take off from Hill and bank right toward the lake like usual," said James Briggs. "Then I saw this bigger plane flying real low. You could see the windows it was so low. I'd say it was right about over the (ayton Hills) mall when another jet from Hill took off and banked right into it.